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Welcome to Carolina Beach Condo Rental

BEFORE ACCEPTING A BOOKING, I WILL NEED TO MAKE PHONE CONTACT WITH MY PROSPECTIVE GUESTS. I look forward to offering a variety of options for my guests and continuing to assist you in your vacation travels.  You are always welcome to contact me by phone up untill 9PM

We have a wonderful condo for rent for travelers and guests located on the North end of the Carolina Beach. The condo is on the first floor and the façade of the building faces the oceanfront. This condo is well-maintained and the interiors are aesthetically pleasing. The condo has several glass doors to offer you the well deserved view of the Atlantic Ocean. It also makes the condo look a lot more spacious. There is decent space on the porch and the deck. They are also perfect for a family time in the evening or for a family breakfast in the morning. Amenities such as a private pool, a free Wi-Fi and entertainment system are installed for amusement of guests. Facilities such as on-site parking, ground level storage and easy access to the beach from the condo increase its desirability among guests. Guests may also indulge in several fun and entertaining activities which are not far away from the condo. We have given our best shot to provide our guests with a well furnished and appealing condo for their next visit to Carolina.

One of the most favorable features of the condo is the seaside facing porch which has enough space for rocking chairs, a swing and a table with chairs. The spot is perfect for spending some fun-time with family. It is also a perfect spot to witness the picturesque sunrises of North Carolina. Imagine enjoying your morning coffee at this spot. Mesmerizing! Isn’t it?

The furniture in the condo includes table and chairs that provide additional options for a creative way to enjoy your meals. You may choo0se to grab a bite or two while swimming or if you wish you may have a well planned candle light dinner.
We want our guests to spend most of the time relaxing in our condo. The roaring sound of far away waves and the ocean breeze are perfect to take away your worries.

The interior of the condo has been carefully and tastefully decorated. Two sofas sit in the living area offering a relaxing spot to the occupants of the condo. One of the sofas opens up to serve as a bed and makes for a wonderful spot to watch cable TV, surf the internet, take a nap or to just sit back and enjoy your stay. The dining area has a dining table that allows six people to sit at a time. You can enjoy a sophisticated dinner in the dining room.

We currently offer a response rate of 1 hour, payment through Paypal or check, written contract, speedy return of Damage Deposit, unsurpassed honesty and fast correction of any problems in my condo. I have a 5 star rating and have been renting my unit for 7 years. Please allow me to help you with your upcoming vacation needs.

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