Carolina Beach Condo Rental

Top 5 Must-Offer Amenities for North Carolina Beach House Rentals

  • Nov 21 2016
  • By: Ken Culbreth
carolina beach vacation condo

Simply having North Carolina Beach house rentals won’t serve the purpose unless they are well-equipped. If you check out reviews of guests who have been choosing vacation rentals over hotels, it is the state-of-the-art amenities that stay ahead along with other important factors including location and size. For every home owner in North Carolina Beach keeping the following amenities in mind and adding them to their top properties will help boost business like never before.

Free Wi-Fi:

You have free Wi-Fi in your rental, you get 38% more guests. The thing is everyone is using smart devices likes smart phone, laptops and tablets, and everyone does not have the luxury of accessing unlimited data plans everywhere. Equipping your rental with this feature helps guests do proper research about the nearest places, find the best activities or just send emails and browse the internet. It further bestows them the authority to watch a movie of their choice online.

Hot Tub:

Can’t spend a fortune for a pool? Go for a hot tub. Guests find it an amazing way to rejuvenate and unwind after a hectic day outdoor. Besides that a hot tub can provide fun to both cold and warm weather. Not only add this up, but keeping it clean encourages kids to take a dip. It is also a favorite amenity with couples and lovers.


For families one of the main reasons to choose North Carolina Beach rentals over hotels is the kitchen access. Be it a weekend trip or a fortnight vacation, guests love to try locals dishes in their own way or in local style, using the state-of-the-art culinary appliances. Kitchens often come complete with a dining area.


According to a recent survey, a pool can add up to $26 to the nightly price. More and more guests (families, students, couples, etc.) are willing to check-in at properties that boast a pool in their backyard. Pools overlooking water or some great scenery allure potential patrons. People who delight in solitude find poolside a great place to relax and let everything go. Avid readers also look for poolside hammock for more pleasure.

Lush Backyard:

Vacation rentals with spacious backyards have an edge over properties without one. Peace-seekers (retired people) and nature lovers opt for vacation home rentals in the city that have sprawling backyard and outdoor space. It also bequeaths renters to indulge in backyard party. Will hotels offer this facility?